2 Better Brokers          
                                       Providing solutions to your health and life insurance needs!       

 2 Better Brokers
Amy Searcy & Steve Knirsch
Offering Health Insurance and Life Insurance

Providing solutions to your insurance needs!

Customer Testimonials

        As an individual having to obtain health insurance without benefit of a group, it is very often difficult to do all the research, and just as difficult to get insurance advice from an agent.  I can understand that the amount of time spent helping the individual is often high compared to the revenues it might generate.

        What was best about dealing with Amy Searcy, was that she had a knowledge of her insurance products, and a willingness to take the time and to follow up with advice on what coverage’s were best for my needs. I was treated like I was looking for group coverage and that my needs were important. I couldn’t have been happier or luckier than to have been able to connect with Amy as my agent. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for help navigating the health insurance market. 

- Jim Farnen, National Sales Manager, Cello Products